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Cache Valley

Anglers will find some of the best fishing in the Rocky Mountain West in Cache Valley’s lakes and rivers, including Blacksmith Fork River, Logan River, and Bear Lake. Logan and Bear Rivers are known for their blue-ribbon fly-fishing. Second Dam is fully accessible. Tony Grove Lake is stocked with rainbow trout. The largest fish caught in Logan Canyon was reported to be 40 pounds. Nearby Bear Lake offers some exciting fishing for trophy cutthroat and lake trout, ranging in size from 2 to 25 pounds. The annual dip netting for the small Bonneville Cisco, native only to Bear Lake, takes place in January and February.

Fishing License Fees
Season pass $26
7-day pass $16
1-day pass $8
See hunting entry for license purchase locations.

Spring Creek Outfitters
4301 West 600 South, Young Ward
(435) 755-6800

Mountain Valley Trout Farm
1471 W. U.S. Hwy. 281, Smithfield
(435) 563-3647

Round Rocks Fly Fishing
530 South Main, Logan
(435) 755-6870

Sportsman’s Paradise
399 West 9000 South, Paradise
(435) 245-3053

Box Elder County

 Willard Bay State Park

900 West 650 North #A

Willard, UT

Built on the east side of Arthur Watlins Reservoir, Willard By State park offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities.  The reservoir provides one of Utah's favorite warm water fisheries.  Anglers can expect to catch, crappie, wiper, walleye, small mouth bass and catfish.  Whether by boat or from shore, fishing opportunities off fun and excitement for anglers of all ages.

Box Elder County has many opportunities to wet a hook.  Some of the most popular are Mantua reservoir, Locomotive Springs, and the Bear River.  There are also a few privately operated fishing ponds in the county.  The variety of fish in area water is as varied as the fishing opportunites.  Trout, blue gill, walleye, crappie, wiper and catfish are just an example of the fish available in the county.  utah fishing licenses are required for fishing and can be obtained on-line at http//www.wildlifeutah.gov/.

Bear Lake

 Anglers come from miles around to enjoy the various fishing opportunities found in the Bear River Valley.


Bear Lake is home to a tropjhy cutthroat trout fishery where the Idaho record cutthroat of 19 lbs. was caught.  Lake trout (mackinaw) also inhabit the lake and may grow to 30 lbs. Trolling and jigging from boats can be done throughtout the year (winter and spring months being the most productive).


There are four endemic fish species in Bear Lake:  the Bonneville cisco (Prosopium mennifer), the bonneville whitefish (Prosopium spilonotus), the Bear Lake whitefish (prosopium abyssicola), and the Bear Lake sculpin (Cottus extensus).  The Janiuary-February spawning run of the Bonneville cisco draws fishing enthusiast who dip nets to capture the small swift fish. 


Angles also dunk worms, cas lures and float artificial flies on many of the area lakes, reservoirs, streams and creeks.  Float tubes are specially popular at Montpelier Reservoir,  The Montpelier Rearing Pond has easy access for small children and physically-challed individuals who wish to fish.


Bear Lake has four species of fish that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, with the Bonneville cisco being the most well known.  They move in close to shore to spawn in mid January and can be dip-netted through the ice.  Bear Lake is ice covered four out of five years and jigging for torout and whitefish is a favorite activity for those who brave the cold outdoors fo fish. 


The Montperlier Reservoir is also a close place to go ice fishing. Located only minutes east of Montpelier, Idahactive rainbow trout are the main attraction.


Caution to Poachers 


True Bear Lake valley ourdoor enthusiasts love and respect the wild resources that we have here.  We welcome all hunters and anglers to Bear Lake valleey is patrolled by both Utah and Idaho law enforcement and conservation officers.  Poachers of our fish and game are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law in order to protect our natural resources.  Eyes are everywhere and poaching misdeeds are reported to the local authorities.  If you witness any poaching activities, please call Idaho Citizens Against Poaching at 1-800 632-5999, or the Utah Poaching Hotline at 1-800-662-DEER.

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